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Special interest Links!

Disclaimer: None of the wikis listed below are hosted on Fandom, so no need to worry about having obnoxious pop-ups and noisy ads jumpscare you! We all hate Fandom in this house!!

Name Description
Black Foxes UK Great resource for information on the red fox Vulpes vulpes and aspects of their biology, with some particular emphasis on fur colour morphs of the species that occur naturally as mutations in wild individuals or those captive-bred.
Bogleech The website of artist, TTRPG designer, biologist and writer Jonathan Wojcik. His site is full of many articles written about topics including entomology, parasitology, reviews of creature designs in popular media and a plethora of others. The website is also home to his monster-collecting TTRPG Mortasheen and webcomic Awful Hospital. I've been a fan of Bogleech for many years, and his site has often been a source of comfort for me.
BumpWorthy Containing many (and I do mean many) bumpers and station IDs for the Adult Swim programming block on Cartoon Network. Lots of intriguing and obscure pieces of Adult Swim history here.
Grindosaur Video game guide wiki for many of the Digimon RPG video games; it's especially a great source for the information on the original Digimon World (one of my dearest pieces of comfort media to this day).
Lost Media Wiki (CW: Discussion of a fair amount of NSFW/NSFL subject matter; the Wiki does a good job of highlighting articles with potential triggers, however.) An incredibly expansive wiki site to document and discuss pretty much every type of media that is (or was previously) lost and no longer available. The entry on the (unproduced and unofficial) movie A Day with Spongebob Squarepants is a personal recommendation; it's quite a ride.
Monster Brains Blog collating all kinds of wonderful horror, surreal and folk-art depicting monstrous subjects, ranging from obscure tapestries depicting demonic beasts from medieval Europe to depictions of yokai and other ethereal beings in Japanese folklore. I always return to it at least once a year to binge its vast archive!
Monster Pulse by Magnolia Porter (CW: depictions of mild body horror) An absolutely fantastic (complete!) comic by Magnolia Porter, Monster Pulse tells a coming-of-age story about a group of young friends with body parts that have turned into powerful monster companions, and a mysterious organisation linked to the creation of said monsters. I wanted to link this here as not only is it a wonderful love letter to pet-monster media such as Digimon that resonates with me a lot, but it's one of my favourite pieces of fiction of all time. It was even one of the main inspiriations that led to me making webcomics!
Museum of Obsolete Media A virtual museum curated by Jason Curtis, containing a wealth of images and information about old and often delightfully odd video, audio and data storage media from days gone by. Very cool if you're like me and hyperfixate on old media storage formats (and lament the fact that as a small larvalkit your parents wouldn't buy you the GBA Video cartridges of Pokémon or Shrek)!
Open Tree of Life An online collaborative project documenting the phylogenic tree of life for described living organisms. As someone who adores evolutionary biology and natural history immensely, browsing this and looking at the branching nodes and phloygenic clades makes me a happy stimming bugfox!!
The Cutting Room Floor A wiki dedicated to documenting unused content hidden within the files of video games. Unused and cut content from video games has been a special interest of mine since I was larval bugfox, so it's very worth a look if you are intirgued by this sort of thing too! A couple of personal recommendations are their articles on Digimon World and Spyro: Year of the Dragon.
Toy Animal Wiki A lovely little wiki site with many images of toys such as small figurines modeled from just about every phylum, class, order and even basal taxon you can think of from the kingdom Animalia (not to mention even some inclusion of toys based on Bacteria and Fungi)! A site with an immense expanse of information on the fascinating and endearing ancient trilobites!
Wikifang A very extensive wiki site documenting Keitai Denjū Telefang and other related pet-monster games and media released in Japan in the early 2000s (such as Network Adventure Bugsite). An absolute treasure trove if you're a critter like me who has had a lifelong fascination with other critters anad games about them!
Wikimon A wiki for Digimon that's been run by members of the fandom for almost 20 years! It covers a wide range of topics related to various Digimon media, from the OG virtual pet toys from the 90s to the video games and animated adaptations!

My best friends! <3

Name Description
Lutzbug A lover of ornithology, pitbulls, weird comedy-horror movies and old colourful platformer video games, Lutzbug makes a lot of very distinctive visual art that is very much a unique and immersively joyful experience; it has a biting psychedelic edge that makes it feel like stills from an obscure long-lost 90s cartoon. They have a comic, too, titled Krazy Noodle Massacre, a comic about a pair of nerdy husbands who become fascinated by a long-suffering individual who lives reclusively and makes sculptures out of supermarket-brand noodles (linked on their site!).
Pearlnight (Some NSFW content linked) Pearl is an astonishingly wonderful artist, writer, massive fan of lions, history, classic horror and may or may not be a vampire. With an excellent eye for not just monochrome art but a range of other stuff too, they draw and write a fantastic comic titled Dancing with the Dead, a loveletter to vampire fiction about a secret society of undead entities, set in the far north of England in the 1970s (linked on their site!).
RockCandy (Some NSFW content-heed the content warnings on his site) A very talented hellhound (with an optional Pikachu plush!) and fellow enjoyer of critters who draws a lot of really striking and stylised art with homages to a lot of visual media from the 2000s, with a distinct grittiness and thorough charm to it. This is also reflected in his comic Pink Panties, a comic about anthro animal people in the (appropriately) dystopian hell that is highschool (linked on his site!).

Other cool as fuck art beings!

Name Description
Alan Resnick A splendid human of many talents, with his work spanning film-making as well as visual art and comics. The creator of the ARG AlanTutorial, which to this day I feel is a genuinely astonishing, unsettling and powerful story.
Ascalaphid A plethora of bugs (including some anthropmorphic bugs, ones that are done exceptionally well I hasten to add!!) and monsters etched masterfully with ink and washes. I've followed Ascalaphid for a while, they're a really cool person and I adore their art.
Ball and Cone The Tumblr account of Ken Johnson, an artist who draws and paints many charmingly surreal pieces and comics about an anthropmorphic ball and cone duo who wander around many realms, perennially outsiders looking into situations and places they seemingly are alien to. Lovely art that I can't get enough of!!
Brandon Geurts (CW: Depictions of body horror, injury/gore, death and nudity) Lots of psychedelic and brutal depictions of body horror and decay. If you enjoy very raw depictions of rot and physically-distorted beings, this artist's work may well resonate with you. His watercolour work is masterful!
EndlessCrust Many wonderfully vibrant and heavily textured pieces. Lots of cool critters, psychedelic shapes and matter in various states! Also links some other similarly great artists!
Everett Peck Gallery showcasing the paintings, illustrations, sketchbook samples and animation work by the late (and very much great) Everett Peck, of Duckman fame!
Joe MacGown Professional entomologist and scientific illustrator, who as well as producing some beautiful and fascinating scientific drawings of insects (with a lot of emphasis on beetles!!), Joe also produces some really grand and masterfully etched art of more psychedelic critters too.
Jim Woodring The legend himself.
Korsse (CW: Body horror, gore) Some lovely and wide-ranging art, both traditional and digital, with lots of very cute anthro critters! (Do heed the above content warning if you are sensitive to or potentially triggered by depictions of gore or bodily harm/injury, though.)
Petday Lovable and very quaint art, often depicting a lot of characters/species from pet monster media such as Pokemon, Digimon and Tamagotchi, as well as other critter-focused 90s/00s video games (the best kind, I hasten to add!).
Roseberry Comix Amazing comics and art, depicting a variety of subjects. Lots of prehistoric fauna, animism, also foxes! In particular I highly recommend their zine comic Broomistega and Thrinaxodon, a harrowingly beautiful short comic that can very easily bring me to tears when I reflect upon it.
Sarah Schmidt (CW: Gore, depictions of alcohol/drug use)Illustrator and animator of many thoughtful and/or sad critters, Sarah Schmidt has produced some wonderful animation work. This includes a music video for the emo band La Dispute, as well as animation for Adult Swim, including a short film titled Gassy's Gas & Stuff in 2023.
Splendidland The website containing the work of artist, game designer and lover of bugs Samanthuel Louise Gillson! Her monster designs are some of the best I have ever seen as a lover of critters, and her work has such a lovable and vibrant sense of intrigue and charm to it. She's also the creator of the indie RPGs Franken, Megaman Sprite Game and a currently in-development game titled Amazing Treasure Valley!
The Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch (CW: Gore, depictions of alcohol consumption, some depictions of subjects related to sex and generally having some very dark humour) A beloved comedy webcomic that has heen running in some capacity since 2002, by artist Nicholas Gurewitch. The strips are astonishingly well-put together and timed comedically, infamously often completely shifting art styles between one strip and the next. Heed the warning, though, it does get dark in places..
Sunflower Cat Haunting, and at times imbued with traces with underlying unease, this monochrome art with extremely elaborate and immersive rendering is a sight to behold.
Tony Millionaire (CW: Very frequent depictions of alcohol consumption, gore and some very dark humour) A cartoonist, a master of the fountain pen, depicting sea monsters, vulgar animals and maritime misadventures. Author of Maakies and Sock Monkey!

Special interest/quaint/the funneh(tm) Wikipedia articles????? HMMMMMMM??????

Resources and all those cool things!!!

Here you will find resources covering a variable range of topics, namely biology and naturalism (including arthropod ID tools), art tools, website coding and some other miscellaneous items I have found helpful.

Name Description
Autistic as Fxxk Run by an autistic individual named Rachel, this as an excellent resource about surviving as an autistic person in a neurotypical world. The Autistic as Fxxk manifesto is especially something I highly recommend reading; as an autistic being who has bore the brunt of ableism for many years (which we as autistic and neurodivergent people are sadly subjected to), I find it to be so very positively affirming.
BugGuide A site dedicated to providing guides on the identification of pretty much any animal resembling an arthropod in North America.
Kalechips An excellent website with much to see, with their free HTML and CSS resources (including the 3-column layout template this very website uses!) being an especially great resource for website building.
Khan Academy A great site with a lot of (free!) online educational resources for many topics, like biology, chemistry, math and more. It can be great if you want a more simplified, bite-size definition or exploration of certain concepts you're unsure about; I myself found it helpful back when I studied cell biology!
JS Paint It's the Windows XP version of Microsoft Paint! In your browser!! Now you too can relive drawing Digimon fanart and your edgy OCs from your preteen years like it's late 2008!!!
Oxford University Museum of Natural History-Insect ID Tools A directory of various online resources for identifying insects found across Britain, spanning a plethora of orders, suborders and families.
Rarebit An excellent free tool that provides a HTML-based (in addition to some JavaScript too) framework for creating your own self-hosted webcomic site. This is the very framework my webcomic God Animal uses!
Sadgrl Excellent resource for guides, tutorials, free assets for website building and other general tools and devices for browsing online.
Wigglypaint A fun and simple little drawing tool that can be used to create digital art with wobbling lines and strokes (much akin to the Squigglevision animation technique used in animated productions such as Home Movies).
W3Schools One of the (in my opinion) best places for learning the basics of coding websites with HTML and CSS style sheets. It has many step-by-step guides on the basics of coding your own website, very highly recommended if you want to make a site or just brush up your HTML coding skills.