Here lies the Forest...

You find yourself stood in the deep forest; large, lumbering beetles stomp about the leaf litter as a small tanuki nuzzles a broken VHS tape.

Welcome to my forested landscape in the digital world. I am a silver morph red fox with a collective of various arthropods residing in my rather fluffy coat. I coexist in this little forest with various critters and other beings that live, or at the very least seem to be here often. Why not stay for a bit? There's some wild berry bushes over there, so help yourself and when you're ready, why not explore a bit?

Critter Art of the month!

April 2024

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Cat and Dog discover an ancient being, and can't help but feel a sense of comfort in their presence...

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PSA: It is strongly advised that you stay away from any open clearings in the deeper reaches of the forest between the precise duration of 3:47am and 4:01am, as an as of yet unidentified and incomprehensible presence manifests around those areas for the aforementioned periods. If you hear melodic, unintelligible sounds that have been described as "an ambient apocalyptic growl with a quality akin to the opening of an obscure 90s children's puppet show", it is IMPERATIVE that you resist the urge to approach the source of the noise. Thank you for understanding.