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I still have a number of further updates I hope to make to the site, in addition to continuing Episode 2 of God Animal. A lot has happened on my end of late that I won't go into here, updates are just likely to be slower for a bit. I do at least feel the site is presentable for the most part, which even if not complete (more evident on some pages than others, albeit) it's something that I am pleased with.

The Bug of the Month and Critter Art of the Month index page widgets have both been updated, as I assume is evident already. Other minor bits, including some typos I've been meaning to correct on the Links page, will be next all being well.

Thanks for visiting the Forest. Do, as always, be kind to any bugs you see.

Yip! -SC


Various small updates over the course of the past week or so have been made where I've had the time to do so, largely in some practical functionality bits, and some small additions made to the About Pepper and Links pages.

The Forest is very much where I want it to be, so special thanks again to my good friend Pearl for offering their knowledge and assistance in relation to webdesign and coding. Expect to see some more secondary pages and other bits crop up in the coming weeks!

Yip! -SC


I (with the assistance of my good friend Pearl) have begun the process of updating the layouts for each page of the site! It'll likely be over the next few days that they are all updated, due to commitments and spoons, etc, but hopefully from here the site will begin to me much more accessible (and functional, I hasten to add!).

The layout we have been using for this purpose is the 3-Column Layout provided on Kalechips (excellent site that's worth exploring, by the way!), so credit to Kale for this excellent tool.

I'll update the changelog in the coming days as necessary, but expect to see some reformatted pages in the next week or two as discussed. Have a great Sunday, all, and thanks as always for stopping by this Digital Forest. <3

Yip! -SC


Tidied up some descriptions on my links page to make them a little more concise (and indeed let websites linked speak for themselves!); further additions have been made to the lists of artists of interest, selected Wikipedia articles and the resources section.

I have also finally started building the Digimon shrine! It's in very early stages but I'm excited to show it and ramble to you all about why Sukamon is one of my favourite monster designs as I excitedly wag my bugfox tail and knock over every object with it in the immediate vicinity!! Updates may still be very inconsistent for a period as I've had a lot on and various illness-related complications to deal with, but we'll get there.

Be kind to any bugs you see as always, and happy Leap Day to you all!! :3

Yip! -SC


Working on adding links to and tidying up my Outgoing Links page, which I'll be doing where I can in the coming days (as I've been incredibly occupied of late, hence the slower updates). I also intend to get a media/library directory up soon, in addition to my Digimon shrine! We'll see how we go as said, but it'll get there soon enough hopefully.

Yip! -SC


Added a couple of recent pieces to gallery (both my frontpage critter art of the month pieces for January 2024 and ahead of February starting tomorrow) and some minor general site tweaks. I have a lot of things I still need/want to add to the site, including bits I've discussed in the previous site changelogs/bulletins below. I'll get to them soon enough, I haven't forgotten!

I've really been through it as of late (which I shan't go into here) but I do keep meaning to update things, including properly starting work on Episode 2 of God Animal; I've set the end of March as my deadline for beginning to draw it (as I'm still working on the script of Episode 2 itself, and how it relates to the rest of the entire God Animal story I have planned).

For those of you who look at and have been around for my art and site: it is much appreciated, and as much as I'm making these things for myself foremost, to hear others enjoying them means a lot. Thank you all so much.

Do be kind to any bugs you see. We appreciate it.

Yip! -SC


Making some general tweaks to page designs, namely cosmetically to adjust text/background/body colours and layouts to make them more accessible. By the end of today I should have something that's less of a placeholder for my comics directory, which right now is just an image linking to the God Animal directory in a rusty red void (I think?? I'm a colour blind bugfox, so this is something I'm still working out with webdesign!). It's worth mentioning that though it only links to God Animal currently, I intend to link to other comics I've drawn that I'm sure will sprout like sporocarps over time (I have some little things planned, at the very least >:3). Also shoutout to my good friend Pearl for offering some very helpful guidance with functionality and accessibility in certain site pages.

On another note, I managed to find a replacement power cable for my scanner (FINALLY), so at the very least you can expect to see the cover art for God Animal's first episode added later today; the two bonus/interlude pages I have planned that serve as supplementary material before the start of Episode 2 may also be uploaded to the site later on too. We'll see how I go, it's been quite a week and I am a tired bugfox!!

As always-if you see any bugs, do be kind to them!

Yip! -SC


Made some minor tweaks, namely adding the above Critter Art of the Month for January 2024. I had intended for the cover art for Episode 1 of God Animal, in addition to the two bonus/interlude pages prior to the beginning of Episode 2, to have been added to the site by now, but...guess which silly bugfox (somehow) broke the connector for their scanner? (Answer: me, obviously.) I'm going to be ordering a replacement imminently, but yes, quite annoying indeed.

Other than this, I intend to finalise my library directory soon, for listings and discussion of various books, movies, video games and other media I am particularly fond of, though the special interest ones, such as the 1999 Digimon World video game, will be saved for my also upcoming shrine pages.

Have a good week coming up, and do be kind to any bugs you see, as always!

Yip! -SC


God Animal Episode 1: Our Friend Rebirth Horse is now complete! It is now available to read on the God Animal webcomic subsection of this websit, via the link provided in this bulletin. The main story of Episode 1 is comprised of a total of 84 pages, and I will be adding two addendum pages as well as a cover, as stated before in the coming days. I will also be adding and fleshing out/fixing assets of the site.

I would also like to wish you all (10:01pm in my locality as I type this) a Happy New Year.

Yip! -SC

Update: 30/12/2023 (date of original bulletin:29/12/2023)

The remaining pages of God Animal Episode 1 will be uploaded tomorrow instead (31/12/2023) as of writing; the pages are complete and just need minor touches/clean-ups before being scanned. Stay tuned!

[Original bulletin underneath the vaguely ominous still frame of the animatronic Duck from Rosie and Jim.]

I am formally announcing that the remaining pages of God Animal's first episode, Our Friend Rebirth Horse, will be uploaded at some stage tomorrow on 30th December 2023!!! Two additional supplementary bonus/interlude pages, relevant to the story but much more lighthearted in nature (think much shorter, single-page narratives about the characters in an more often relaxed and inconsequential capacity outside of the events of the story at that point, I know of a number of other indie comics that have done this.) I will also upload a cover for the episode soon after, as I intend for each cover of God Animal's episodes to have watercolour/gouache and ink painted cover art.

After that, I intend to take a short hiatus/break to tighten up the writing. designs and other bits I have planned for the story of the comic. I have yet to have any idea of an ETA for the start of Episode 2, though I can confirm it will be titled The Beetle Warrior's Broken Sword.

I also have some general updates and bits I have been meaning to add, such as pages for my written prose (and other projects that may not be directly related to the main visual art I produce) and some secret and possibly spooky [oh no!!!] pages.:3 Regardless, do stay tuned, and have a lovely New Year's celebration if you do celebrate it, and do be kind to any bugs you see as always. ^w^

Yip! -SC


Happy holidays to you all!! I have just uploaded 4 new pages of the remaining 18 to be added to God Animal's first episode (titled Our Friend Rebirth Horse as some of you may know already)!!! I intend to post the rest of the pages by tomorrow, if not in the days that follow. :3

Aside from that, I will also be adding/editing/tweaking certain site assets, with emphasis on my outgoing links page (how far I get with that this evening is uncertain though, as I am a very tired bugfox and have few spoons left due to the perennially-demanding activity that is socialising, especially on a day like this, though I am pretty content nonetheless ^^).

Yip! -SC


I have been a busy critter, but I have several irons in the fire related to this site and the art on it! These currently include:

  • Finishing and scanning the remaining pages of the first episode of my webcomic project, God Animal (finally)! I also intend to finalise the sub-area of the site (including the Cast and About pages, as well as refining the functionality/visual layout and style of the God Animal site) and also to produce an episode cover to precede it once complete.
  • Adding more links to my outgoing pages section, ranging from the work of artists I especially enjoy the work of, special interest-related websites and YouTube channels I particularly enjoy.
  • I also intend to make more pages/addendum pages for my written prose work, the special interest shrines (which I've been meaning to do for literal months, albeit due to my dayjob and other commitments preventing me) and also some... possibly secret realm pages...*nudges you with my tarsi-paw* >:3

Also, the home page you are now looking at isn't a garbled mess of a layout (hopefully?)!!

Expect to see more updates in the coming days to the aforementioned and quite likely more not discussed here! Stay tuned, and do be kind to any bugs you see today.

Yip! -SC


I'm resuming updates finally (I have been meaning to do so for many weeks), as I was unable due to personal issues, work commitments and my ongoing health issues. Expect to see more updates to the Gallery (with sketchbook samples and some other bits being added to the page... >:3) and cleaning up the section for my webcomic project God Animal and getting it up to date (as well as upload older comics I've produced in previous years on a separate page, maybe!!)

I also hope to finally add the first of my special interest shrines, and also add a page for my writings and all. It's still early days, but those of you looking here, thanks for your patience and hanging tight with me! It really means a lot to a funny little bugfox like me that you like my art and critterposting

Yip! -SC